I create non-template sites on the Tilda platform
Make fast. Do clear.
Do not disappear
Create designs in different styles
For any type of business
Find creative solutions
for your website
For those who urgently need to stand out
Assemble structure and clear text
For those who don't want to search for other specialists
Layout projects on Tilda with advanced animation
For those who want their site to be remembered
You can start working with me
without visual content
I know how to create websites from zero. Content will find on the stock, generate or pick up an illustrator
Introduction and briefing
Let's call, get to know each other and discuss the details of the project so I can estimate the cost and timeline.

It will take about 20 minutes of your time
Commercial offer and contract
I will write a detailed commercial proposal with full justification of the price and the ability to adjust it to your budget
Analytics and copywriting
I work with a professional copywriter. We work through the semantic part of the site.

We help to describe the complex in the language of your target audience.
Creating design concepts
This is the design of the first 2-3 blocks of the main page. In them I work out the visuals of the future site, come up with ideas and metaphors.

This intermediate stage helps to find a common vision and concept
Full website design and adaptive
Draw the entire site, including internal pages in the chosen style

I draw the mobile version
Website layout on Tilda
Transfer ready design to your Tilda account.
Adapt for 3 devices, customize animation and test for bugs.

I help to connect the necessary third-party services, domain and receiving applications.

I write down instructions on how to use the platform on your own for free
Ready to discuss the project?
2 weeks of site support
free of charge
I work under contract
Strict deadlines
Payment in 3 stages
2 weeks of free website support
Mutual respect and professionalism in communication
It is possible to pay via crypto or card
Each of my websites is unique
I invest myself fully in each one. That's why
I take on no more than two projects a month
under my personal supervision
Ready to discuss the project?
Landing page
After the briefing, I calculate an
individual commercial offer
One-page website or
Business card website

6-12 blocks, 1 page
from $1500
Website for the purpose of selling goods
with the connection of the shopping cart

6-12 blocks, 5-20 pages,
up to 50 products
from $2000
Multipage website
Image website in the corporate style of your company

6-12 blocks, 5-20 pages
from $2000
Creative nature
3 years of art school. I love movies, art, knitting. I dream to learn to sing, dance and play the piano
Master's degree in tourism
Got bachelor's and master's degree with honors in Russia
Lived and worked in Spain for six months
Visited Paris, Geneva and Rome by myself
Changed the citizenship and moved to Russia
Originally from Kazakhstan, now living in Istambul
Never worked in an office
Before freelance I was a bartender, children's animator, waiter, barista, tried modeling and photography
Teaching junior designers
Giving advice, helping designers start to feel comfortable with freelancing
Design-blogger on Instagram
Sharing my experiences, failures and successes
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